Insect netOur insect nets are made of high quality materials, such as HDPE, fiberglass, Nylon or Polyester. For different usages, some anti insect nettings may contain UV inhibitors. These mesh insect nets are widely used in greenhouse, farm, garden and can also be used as baby insect net, mosquito net, and so on. Meshes and sizes can be customized according to your needs.
Mesh type
  • 16x16 / sq. inch(Mesh size: 1.3mm)
    Weight: 65 g/m2
    Shade Value: 10%
  • 24x24 / sq. inch(Mesh size: 0.8mm)
    Weight: 70 g/m2
    Shade Value: 12%
  • 32x32 / sq. inch(Mesh size: 0.6mm)
    Weight: 80 g/m2
    Shade Value: 14%
  • 50x50 / sq. inch(Mesh size: 0.3mm)
    Weight: 110 g/m2
    Shade Value: 18%
  • Sewn joint
  • Overlock sewn joint
  • Reinforced edge
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